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Deaffest at Wolverhampton, UK

Wolverhampton: Deaffest Friday 12 to Sunday 14 May 2017 Deaffest - Photos – (coming soon – don’t know when) Fun frame: - Deaffest is a weekend of showcasing films and documentaries made by deaf filmmakers. Exhibitions, seminars, workshops, parties and networking take place at the festival and everyone is welcome to take part,… Continue reading Deaffest at Wolverhampton, UK

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Be proactive, not reactive

I am seeing a lot of reactive comments in the last 6 months about access and inclusivity in meetings, seminar and conference.  There are many of us advocating to improve access and inclusivity in things that we do and we don't need recognition for the hard work that we put into advocating.  Most of us… Continue reading Be proactive, not reactive

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Inclusive Media and Design Centre, Ryerson University

I attended the Inclusive Media and Design Centre (IMDC) at Ryerson University to explore the projects they are working on currently for the Deaf people. I enjoyed exploring the research project this is happening at Ryerson University. Especially being intrigued with emotion and text and SignLink. I wasn't really a fan of Music Visualisation… Continue reading Inclusive Media and Design Centre, Ryerson University