Sponsorship and Donation


Being an independent artist, Racheal can only rely on your support to ensure the experience of multisensory technologies in physical theatre becomes successful. When you become a sponsor, you’ll get valuable recognition and will be entitled to exclusive commercial compensations.

Racheal has planned the project for 2014 and beyond to provide an unique experience to deaf and wider audience through the use of multisensory technologies.  She will be visiting few stakeholders whom mainly works with multisensory technologies as an alternative language to deaf communities in December to February.   Also she will be receiving professional development in physical theatre such as circus arts and contemporary dance.  Upon returning from overseas she will be relaying these skills and knowledge and she will start building the multisensory technologies.

Multisensory technologies is critical to build the deaf audience within physical theatre.  It will be an exciting time.

This is your chance to promote your company worldwide, by having your name displayed to a great audience and great commercial appeal on your campaigns.

To view the Deaf Experience Sponsorship Plan: Deaf Experience Sponsorship Plan


Pozible Crowdfunding will be established in March to obtain donations to support Deaf Experience Project.  Stay tuned.