Research and Development

This research is exploring the use of multisensory modalities in theatre for people with disability – both on stage and audience.  I aim to use the sound, vibration and visual tools as an art form and means of creation and exploration, development and integration of greater multi-sensory tools and experiences into theatre, coupling with alternative language and experiences into art practices.  More importantly this research will also explore different performing arts techniques and methods for accessible performing arts for artists with disability.  This will assist with developing new ideas to strengthen the social inclusion of artists with disability into performing arts.

For example:

The daily experiences and challenges that a deaf person experiences in today’s society – how do we translate this into performing arts.  This might require the hearing people to wear silicon hear plugs to receive heightened sensory.  The use of multi-sensory tools in performing arts may look like this:

Stage: A young deaf woman standing alone, she was looking around wondering where everyone is … suddenly people started walking pass her bumping into her, giving her a frustrated looks and telling her to get out of the way.  People suddenly disappeared again.  The young deaf woman didn’t understand what just happened.

Audience:  As the audience watch the young deaf woman standing alone on the stage. As the people started walking pass her, the audience will suddenly feel the different types of stomping and walking of males and females through the vibration technologies, and the angry visual background to match the atmosphere and using the captions of what the walkers are saying.  As people disappear, it will become silent with a single light spot on the young deaf woman.

This research will allow me to identify and develop multi-sensory technologies, theatre methods and tools to provide integrated creative mediums for people with disability like myself.