Professional Development

I plan to develop my knowledge and skills further to contribute to 2014 project ,“Deaf Experience”.  This event will focus on the daily experiences and challenges that a deaf person experiences in a hearing world through multisensory modalities with the use of creative theatre and arts medium.

I will be spending two weeks in Ontario of Canada to ensure that I can gain as much knowledge and skills as I can to build a multisensory modalities for “Deaf Experience” Project. Few organisations have created a several multisensory modalities for deaf audience so I will be gaining knowledge and skills about multisensory modalities.  The following individuals and organization that I will be meeting with:

  • David Bobier who currently running a project called VibraFusionLab, London; and
  • SMART Lab at Ryerson University, Toronto.

Following on from Canada to United Kingdom where I will be spending 2 and half months visiting key organisations to talk with key stakeholders; to meet artists with disability and be involved in new work that both companies are developing; and doing professional development courses.

The following organisations I am doing placement with:

  • Candoco Dance Company and working with Thomas Hauert whom is a contemporary choreographer to develop new work;
  • Solar Bear Theatre Company – more info to come.

The following organisations that I will be visiting in my spare time:

  • Graeae Theatre;
  • Deafinity Theatre; and
  • Gravity and Levity.

It is a great opportunity to develop network and partner with local, state, national and international organizations to ensure the project “Deaf Experience” become successful.  Also it will allow me to build my profile as a deaf female emerging circus artist with key organizations.  If successfully obtained the individual fund, it will be acknowledged as part of “Deaf Experience” journey.