Deaf Experience

I plan to develop my knowledge and skills further to contribute to 2014 project that I am planning called “Deaf Experience”.  This event will focus on the daily experiences and challenges that a deaf person experiences in a hearing world through multisensory modalities with the use of creative theatre and arts medium.

This is an exciting and interesting journey therefore I am committed to documenting the creative process as part of my professional development as an emerging artist. The documentation of the “Deaf Experience” project through photographing, filming, blogging and personal diary over the next three years will include:

    • participating in creative work with artists with disability with various organisations in Australia and International;
    • conduct interviews with key personnel such as artistic directors and artists with disability; and
    • provide review of the organizations; and
    • exploring the concept of “Deaf Experience”.

Few outcomes has been achieved including:

    • organizing my trip overseas to meet potential personnel involved in physical theatres and development of multisensory modalities;
    • written an Experimental Arts grant application to Australian Council for the Arts for the project ,“Deaf Experience”; and
    • obtained significant support for this pilot project.

Some of the outcomes that will be achieved through this research project including:

    • Publish the documentation of the “Deaf Experience’ on my website.
    • Providing the final research report to Access Arts and Arts Queensland in early March 2014 which is mandatory.
    • Giving a workshop on the skills and knowledge that I have gained throughout the research in late March 2014 and to facilitate the development of the “Deaf Experience” project.  This will be an opportunity to gain insight into multisensory modalities and how it will be integrated into physical theatre to provide an unique theatre experience.
    • To initiate the creative development process for the “Deaf Experience” project through conversations with key personnel such as my mentor at Vulcana Women’s Circus.

This is a project that I am committed as I aim to create a unique theatre experience through multisensory modalities.  This is an opportunity to develop audience for the deaf and wider community to enjoy a creative unique theatre experience.

International Travel

This is an opportunity to develop network and partner with local, state, national and international organizations to ensure the project “Deaf Experience” become successful.  I will be visiting a number of organisations in Australia, Canada and United Kingdom.  For more information, please visit International Travel.

Deaf Experience Pilot Project

I plan to develop multisensory modalities through sound, vibration and visual technologies to make theatre accessible to the deaf, hard of hearing and wider audiences to enjoy theatre.  For more information, please visit Deaf Experience Pilot Project.