Deaf Experience Pilot Project

I plan to develop multisensory modalities through sound, vibration and visual technologies to make theatre accessible to the deaf, hard of hearing and wider audiences to enjoy theatre. I plan to do this project in two phrases.

Phase 1: Deaf Experience (2014)

This phase will test the multisensory modalities (vibration, sound and visual) in a creative medium to allow the deaf, hard of hearing and wider audience to receive a deaf experience and provide feedback for future performance.   This event will focus on the daily experiences and challenges that a deaf person experiences in a hearing world through multisensory modalities, the use of creative theatre and arts medium.  This will require the hearing people to wear silicon hear plugs to receive heightened sensory.

This is an example of how the multisensory technologies will be used in creative theatre and arts.

Stage: A young deaf woman standing alone, she was looking around wondering where everyone is … suddenly people started walking pass her bumping into her, giving her a frustrated looks and telling her to get out of the way.  People suddenly disappeared again.  The young deaf woman didn’t understand what just happened.

Audience:  As the audience watch the young deaf woman standing alone on the stage. As the people started passed her, the audience will suddenly feel the different types of stomping and walking of males and females through the multisensory technologies, and the angry visual background to match the atmosphere and using the captions of what the walkers are saying.  As people disappear, it will become silent with a single light spot on the young deaf woman.

This will be a unique creative experience of what being Deaf is like and to allow perspectives to be broadened whilst being in a creative medium.  An expression of interest will be sent out in early 2014 to invite artists to share their work as part of Deaf Experience.  The artists will be notified and invited to participate in the workshop in March 2014. The event is likely happen during the National Week of the Deaf People in October.

Phase 2: Deaf Theatre (2015 onward)

On the outcome of the Deaf Experience event, it will lead to fine tuning of the multisensory modalities for the deaf theatre.  The performance theme is to be determined by the group of Deaf artists.  This will be an opportunity for the show to travel across Australia to provide shows to already collaborated organizations and sponsorships to provide the unique theatre experience to deaf, hard of hearing and wider audience.