Curious Pixie

I am in the process of developing a performance called “Curious Pixie” to allow the creation and exploration of circus theatre coupled with alternative language into arts practice.  For this project, I am looking at a combination of contemporary dance, aerial dance and multi-sensory modalities to be delivered at high standard to wider audience.

The creative development process of “Curious Pixie” will explore various concept and ideas that may be radical, ordinary or bizarre.

Let’s start with a definition… curious is defined as:

  1. Eager to know or learn something
  2. Strange; unusual

On daily basis, we are constantly being curious to a subject, whether if it is seeing a face that you may have recalled somewhere or a strange objects that you never seen before or learning something new. Curiosity gets the better of us… it could be good or bad judgment.

I would like to invite you to participate in the upcoming tasks to provide me with your thoughts on the topic.