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Barcelona and Valencia of Spain

Barcelona, Spain - 13 July to 15 July 2017 I caught ASLA bus from Andorra la vella to Barcelona, Spain.  Bus is the only public transport in and out of Andorra.    Scenery is interesting on the way into Spain and Fanta de la Baells were gorgeous on the way down.  Pity, I wasn't quick… Continue reading Barcelona and Valencia of Spain

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Travels – Reims, France and Andorra

Reims, France Sunday 2nd July to Monday 10th July 2017 I was in Reims, France for a week as part of the Festival Clin d’Oeil 2017. I stayed at Hotel Latino, which is simple yet funky hotel. Also it is in the centre of Reims tourist area. I visited the main tourist place such as… Continue reading Travels – Reims, France and Andorra

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Deaffest at Wolverhampton, UK

Wolverhampton: Deaffest Friday 12 to Sunday 14 May 2017 Deaffest - Photos – (coming soon – don’t know when) Fun frame: - Deaffest is a weekend of showcasing films and documentaries made by deaf filmmakers. Exhibitions, seminars, workshops, parties and networking take place at the festival and everyone is welcome to take part,… Continue reading Deaffest at Wolverhampton, UK

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Lancaster University – Exchange Program

Last year, I have decided to do an Exchange Program as part of my study to enrich my experience in Creative Industries.  I was given a place to study at Lancaster University and I was lucky enough that the university is providing BSL interpreters for my class. Since arriving at Lancaster University, there has been… Continue reading Lancaster University – Exchange Program

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Halfway through 1st Semester of Drama Degree

I was having a conversation with the Artistic Director at Vulcana Women's Circus after the board meeting as I was seeking advice about accessibility in class.  As I mentioned, I now understand how theatre/show/drama is being made and I have realised that I have made mistakes in the past of being ambitious and far-fetched with… Continue reading Halfway through 1st Semester of Drama Degree