About me


Aerial PhotoI am a Deaf female circus artist whom has been training in circus arts skills, including aerial and acrobatic skills since 2011 with Vulcana Women’s Circus.  Prior to training and performing in circus arts, I did not dream about being a professional performing artist as I grew up with perceived idea that deaf person could not be an artist of any kind.  Few years ago, I was looking for a challenge and my partner suggested that I go to the Deaf Women’s Circus Group that was being run by Vulcana Women’s Circus in 2011.

As a result I got involved in Deaf Women’s Circus project to develop a show called “Wizard of Auslan” in 2012. The project was about creating a unique performance that examines the physical languages of circus and the transition of Auslan (Australian Sign Language) from past to today using the Wizard of Oz concept.  During the project, we brainstormed ideas that are based on the history of the Deaf Culture to today as well as exploring different circus arts to create a show.  This achievement had become the stepping-stone into performing arts career.

Since joining the Vulcana Women’s Circus, I discovered a love for exploring and expressing different ways through acrobatics, aerial dancing and performing.  Being in a supportive and encouraging environment, I’d let go of the preconception that society had installed in me, a world of opportunities opened up and I just have to believe I could do it.

In 2013, I participated in Rising Star program to create a devised theatre on “Tiny little lies” in one and a half day master class.  Rising Star Program is a program that was provided by Access Arts in partnership with Arts Queensland to bring the artists with disability from across all disciplines to come together and produce devised performance.   Also it was to challenge the conventions by examining our private selves and the public selves along with the expectations for how we should behave publicly – particularly as an artist with a disability.  It was an amazing experience.

Aforementioned achievements along with other achievement stated in the CV, I have had a short but noteworthy professional career, which underscores my professional ambitions both in the field of physical theatre and in helping the broader community.