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Lagos and Lisbon of Portugal

Lagos, Portugal – 22 July to 24 July 2017

I caught to bus from Seville to Lagos.  It’s actually not a 4 hour bus ride but a 5 hour bus ride.  It didn’t include the one hour backward (GMT 0:00 hour or GMT +1 daylight saving).  Don’t let the bus hours on bus fool you.  There was a 30 minutes layover after Faro for toilet break and coffee/snack as we are not allowed to eat on the bus or a fine.

Upon arriving in Lagos, a mere 20 minutes walk from the bus station to Residencia Baia.  A very basic hostel and near the Algarve.

Upon dumping my things at the hostel, I was given a quick introduction to Lagos and Algarve – best place to visit, to swim, to drink and if I can afford, the booze cruise.  Quite a nice welcoming to the town.

First thing I did was to check out the Algarve – walked along the coast trail to the lighthouse.  I was planning on continuing onto Martin Barranco Beach alas, I decided not to as it was hot in the afternoon despite it being 26 degree.  And I wanted to take a dip in the water.

I headed back to the hostel to get changed and then went to Praia da Batata beach, a “town beach”.   Took the dip, it was freezing cold! And very salty.  I didn’t stay long and vowed that I will go swimming the next day in the middle of the day, not in the afternoon!!

The next day, I got up and went for a walk through the town where it is so quiet so I can take local photos.

Around lunch time, I went for a swim and lied under the sun at the Praia dos estundantes which is next to Praia da Batata.  I pretty much had a chill afternoon relaxing and swimming.  It is what I needed before heading to Lisbon and to Edinburgh.

I will definitely come back here again and do the Algarve coast – not just Lagos in kayak or a boat and enjoy the private beaches along the Algarve coast.  I am in love!!  I have much appreciation for the mother nature.

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Lisbon, Portugal – 24 July to 26 July 2017

24 July – It is time for me to head to Lisbon so I walked to the train station – only 20 minutes walk. I arrived to find there wasn’t any TV or visual assistance for the train so I went to the counter and asked which platform to catch the train using my phone translation, the female staff started signing to me which made my day!!  So I put my phone down and communicate visually.  So my experience was smooth with the train.

The train is interesting.  It is old which make it all interesting!  The first train was a regional train that goes from Lagos to Faro, I have to get off at Tunes and cross the same platform to the train that goes to Lisbon.

The second train is also relatively old however it has air conditioning installed and wifi as well as modern bistro/cafe.  I enjoyed the train ride.  It gives me an interesting ride with sceneries and allows me to relax.

Upon arriving, I walked to Suave Lisboa Hostel – it is not recommended as there are hills, if you are nuts like me, go for it otherwise do your research in transport before going to your hostel.  As I arrived slight early, I put my luggage into storage and went exploring for a bit before I need to check-in as I have a backpack and a camera bag with me which is quite heavy to be walking for hours.

Suave Lisboa Hostel is cute and quirky!  I like it.  It is on the outside of the main city centre and in the neighbour of multicultural and jazz street arts.  I love this area.  Interesting place to be in.

After checking in, I set off to explore the Teatro D. Maria II, Est. do Rossio, Praca do Paco, Estacao Fluvial, Castelo de S. Jorge (didn’t go in as there was a massive queue) and the streets of the Lisbon in the area of Baixa, Mourraria and Graca.

The next day (25 July), I decided to do the sightseeing bus tour and went with the Yellowbus as it included tram and Santa Justa elevator.  This is the circuit that takes you to the main attraction –

After visiting these places along the route, I went to Santa Justa Elevator with the Yellowbus ticket – there is approximately 40 minutes to 1 hour wait in the line along with other local attraction.  There is an additional €1.50 for the view tower which wasn’t mentioned anywhere in Yellowbus nor the website.  Was the view worth the wait? No.  You can go to Igreja da Graca for a lovely view of the estuary and the city.

I didn’t do Belem, Castle and the tram as the queue was long and massive – next time, I will come back in low peak season, not the high peak season! Alas, I still enjoyed Lisbon! 🙂

Today (26 July), I am heading back to Manchester and then onward to Edinburgh to start my stint as a backstage crew at Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  This will be an interesting experience.

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