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Madrid, Toledo and Seville of Spain

Madrid, Spain – 17 July to 20 July 2017

I caught a train from Valencia to Madrid – a four hours train ride with lovely scenery. As I arrived, I purchased a T10 ticket (10 trips ticket) to get myself to the hostel and use it for the next three days.

When I arrived at Era Hostel, I did not get a welcoming from the staff looking after the hostel. Basically, he was so angry at me in Spanish and in English – not one word got through me, I was standing there mortified and not knowing what to say, except to say, I have a booking. Then I asked where the Laundromat is so I can wash my clothes as there weren’t any laundry facilities at the hostel. When I did the laundry, returned to the hostel, I noticed a sign on the door that says, please press the bell if you don’t have a key … well, the door was open so he shouldn’t get angry at me for no reason. It is not my fault that the door was open.

I felt small and demoralised – this has been going since I arrived in Barcelona. I will explain in a separate blog, about communication.

On the 18th July, I caught the public transport to the main places and I wanted to visit the Royal Palace of Madrid however it was closed on that day because of the royalties visiting. So I ended up going to Buen Retiro Park, Plaza Mayor and few local attractions that doesn’t require admission fee.

At some point my Desigual dress has a hole in the back as per instagram.   I don’t know how that happened. 😦

I found a gluten-free bakery – Celicioso. Gluten-free bakery which is also vegan. I was so excited to see the macaroons, cupcakes, sweet pastries – all gluten-free.

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Toledo, Spain – 19th July

On the 19th July, I did a day trip to Toledo. In the morning, I chose to walk along the river as I had the urge to do this before it gets hot. Then I decided that I wanted to do the Catapults, Templars and Other Order, and Medieval Torture Exhibition. Not the Cathedral Church tour. I was mortified at some of the Medieval Torture and there is even punishment for female who excessively gossip!!

After wandering through several lanes within the town, I decided it was time to catch the Sightseeing Bus to the top and few other places that I haven’t thought of. The view is worth it.

It was a beautiful historical city however the people ruined it for me.   They show such a blunt refusal to acknowledge that I am deaf and keep speaking to me in either Spanish or English. I even had one person that made me feel like a child with aggressive attitude with pointing and pointing at the English Transcript.

By about 4pm, I was ready to return to Madrid and I asked the train information centre if I can catch an earlier train and unfortunately, all the trains were full so I had to wait until 7.20pm train. That when I decided to do another round of sightseeing bus and the guy (UK person moved to Spain) was very empathetic with me so he took me around the Toledo and we stay at the top of the view for about 20 minutes before he has to move the bus.

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Seville, Spain – 20 July to 22 July

I caught an early train to Seville, Spain. I decided to catch the cab (a mistake however it is done, should have caught the C1 tram which stops outside the Cathedral and I could have walk from there) to my hostel, which is Grand Luxe Hostel near the Cathedral. Upon arrival, the staff was friendly and easy-going. I asked what to do and see in Seville so he was helpful. I managed to book the Museum of Flamenco (Museo del Baile Flamenco) and the Flamenco dance show on the first night in Seville. I enjoyed myself and it brought memories of latin dancing I have done few years ago.

On the following day (21 July), I walked everywhere – saw majority of the local attractions including the Seville Cathedral, Plaza de Espana, Torre del Oro and Puente de Isabel II. Basically, I walked everywhere that is within reach. I clocked over 30,000 steps according to my fitbit watch.

I enjoyed the landmark, enjoyed lunch in a local café. People were lovely and friendly. Very chilled and happy to use gesture to communicate.

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