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Barcelona and Valencia of Spain

Barcelona, Spain – 13 July to 15 July 2017

I caught ASLA bus from Andorra la vella to Barcelona, Spain.  Bus is the only public transport in and out of Andorra.    Scenery is interesting on the way into Spain and Fanta de la Baells were gorgeous on the way down.  Pity, I wasn’t quick enough to think about getting my phone out to film the scenery.   Next time.

I arrived in Barcelona at 6pm and decided to get T10 metro ticket which covers zone 1 and my hostel is in zone 1.  T10 is actually a lot cheaper than a single ticket even though I only used 9 out of 10 trips while staying in Barcelona.

If you love Gaudi’s work, this is the place to explore.  I managed to see Casa Battlo’s house however I missed out on Parc Guell and Sagrada Familia as the ticket were sold out via online!   The problem for me is that, I don’t know what they have on offer for deaf tourists and I haven’t received any replies in regards to the tickets.

With Casa Battlo, they gave me an English transcript which is acceptable and the English was very simple and basic, not overly complicated.  That how I like it.  Definitely worth exploring Gaudi’s work while you are in Barcelona.

I stayed at Room018BCN – it is basic and near Barcelona Sants.

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Train from Barcelona to Valencia – 15 July 2017

Word of advice – take the direct train from Barcelona to Valencia!!!  I looked online and read people’s blog.  No mention of the train issues… when I bought a ticket that was cheap which has a stop in Tortosa to change train for Valencia.

The first leg of this trip was spent standing up!  That was how crowded the train was as it has several stop from St Vincent to Tortosa.  I didn’t realise that until I got on the train and been standing for good 1.5 hours.  If you want to do this, go for it otherwise get a direct train from Barcelona to Valencia that is a little bit more expensive with comfort!!

Valencia, Spain – 15 July to 17 July 2017 

Valencia is an interesting city, the centre of Valencia that is.  I haven’t been to the beach yet and I don’t think I have the time do that.  I visited all of the interesting landmarks within the city and I stumbled across the street arts in Old Valencia.  I read the top things to do in Valencia and yet street arts wasn’t one of them.  I wonder why.

So yes, street arts in the old Valencia was an interesting treasure trail for me, while staying at Valencia, however graffiti does ruin the aesthetic of street arts, that is just me.  Political messages, heart desires, dreams … beautiful images presenting an inner messages.

Also I am staying on the weekend means that most things are not open on Sunday, for instance Mercado Central which is the food and item markets.   I will keep in mind that if I do plan to come back to Spain, I will make sure my travel actually falls in a normal working day.

I stayed at Centre Valencia Youth Hostel.  It is basic and near the cathedral.  It is 20 minutes walk from Valencia Nord although €6 for a cab from the station to the hostel.

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