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Travels – Reims, France and Andorra

Reims, France Sunday 2nd July to Monday 10th July 2017

I was in Reims, France for a week as part of the Festival Clin d’Oeil 2017.

I stayed at Hotel Latino, which is simple yet funky hotel. Also it is in the centre of Reims tourist area.

I visited the main tourist place such as Cathedral Notre-Dame de Reims, Taittinger Champagne, and few other places over the few days prior to the festival commencing.

In the first three days (Monday to Wednesday), I spent the afternoon doing Visual Vernacular Workshop with Giuseppe Giurrana. It was interesting to learn about the depth of and key elements within visual vernacular.   It is a good tool to be used in theatre.

The festival itself was worth it. I enjoyed some of the performances. I recommend going to the festival in 2019. The performances that rocked were Jonas and the Body, City of God and Tabou.   There was quite few performances that was light and entertaining.

The deaf party is definitely the highlight of the festival as well.  I will do a proper post about the festival when I have time to think and reflect.  🙂

Photo album:


Overnight Train to Toulouse – 10th July to 11th July 2017

I took an overnight train to Toulouse from Paris as it was cheaper, however there was an oversight … the luggage storage didn’t open until 8.30am so I couldn’t store my luggage and explore Toulouse as I have a bus to catch at 10.30am to Andorra la vella. Next time!!


Andorra La Vella – 11th July to 13th July 2017

The three hours bus ride from Toulouse to Andorra is worth the trip. The scenery is fabulous.

Andorra is a little country wedged between France and Spain. This place is basically a tax haven so if you want tax free stuff for reasonable price, this is the place. I didn’t come here for shopping, so you know.

The morning of 12th July, I want hiking along Rec del Sola, which is just north of Andorra la Vella – it’s an easy flat walk.

After lunch, I decided to tackle Vall del Madriu and only made it to Ramio – it was a total of two hours walk from my hotel to Ramio and I did not have any decent hiking gears to continue hiking after Ramio as there were a lot of loose rocks.  It was quite an upward hike. Along this route, I love the sound of the water falls and the river. I just love it. Such a tranquil place.

I definitely will come back to Andorra to do more hiking with the hiking equipment and do mountain biking. Maybe in winter, do snowboarding!  Definitely hire a car as well. There is so much to see and local cuisine to try.

Andorra is very gluten-free and vegan friendly so you have options here. 🙂

You can download Andorra Tourism app that will point you to various activities across the country.  For those who are outside of Europe, you cannot download Alpify (emergency app that pinpoints your location).

Photo album:

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