Uni-travel: York and Durham

Uni-travel day trips

York, UK – 29 April 2017

York is rich with history – Vikings, ancient Romans and so on. It is a 2 hour bus drive from Lancaster.   First thing I did was to visit the York Ministerial – Interesting building although not much difference inside the building.

While walking, I visited the Shambles, a street that was used in Harry Potter film for Diagon Alley and found the York Chocolate Story. Yummmm. 🙂

(Apologise in advance) As I am not a Viking fan nor do I have any interest in the Viking history, I chose not to visit the Viking Museum. At the same time, I encountered Ed Alleyne-Johnson busking in the square, which was enjoyable to see.

I continued walking toward the York castle. Nice view of the York.

Then I walked back though the town and came across the juxtaposition of York Royal Theatre – inside bright pink! It’s like wow!! And I walked the wall surrounding the city.

After finishing the walk around the York City, I got myself gluten-free lunch and sat by the river to watch the rowing competition. After lunch, I walked through the York Museum Garden. It was beautiful.

I walked back through town and stopped by Waterstones to look at books and ended up buying some books.

Return to the river to watch the rowing and read a book.

Durham, UK – 27 May 2017

Durham is a well-known place for some of the film and TV including Harry Potter, Abbey Town and Billy Elliot.   It is a small town.

I first walked through the Durham indoor market by accident as I was walking toward Durham Cathedral and Durham Castle. It’s just full of stalls of food, things and more things.

Eventually I made my way through the town and walked along the river to Cathedral and Castle. Ordinary Cathedral and I went outside where the centre of the Cathedral was filmed for Harry Potter for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.   It was nice to sit there for a while.

Eventually I walked to the Castle and only to miss the morning tour of the Castle with a massive gap between morning and after tour time due to the fact that the students were having their exams. I didn’t realise that Durham Castle is in face part of Durham University. Next time, I will be well prepared.

Eventually, I walked through town to do some shopping and lunch as it was raining for a short time.

I then decided to walk along the river toward the bridge and sat by the river for a long while. Before I saw the dark cloud, that I decided to head back to the Cathedral as it was the closest to where I was standing. I just got in time before the short-lived storm.

After the storm, I walked back toward the bus as most shops were closed and found a spot by the river to do some reading.

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