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Health and Fitness Milestone

Few weeks ago, I ran 5km… on a treadmill. I know it boring. BUT. 5KM! No pain!  After that, I only ran 2.5km to 3km as it is not fun to run on the treadmill – even with music.  I run around the campus but not sure of the distance.

Few people will know what I meant by this. I used to be a runner. I ran the cross country, did the 800m and 1500m athletic competition.   Participated in the Australian Deaf Games 2008.

Most events resulted in a lot of pain in the left foot. This why I gave up running because I didn’t want to “damage” it any further – even with physio and so forth, it still result in a lot of pain in the left foot.

So I joined circus! One problem – lots of cramping in the left foot and I was told, “take magnesium”…. So I did. I overdosed on the magnesium so the Dr said stop taking it because my body already have sufficient magnesium yet my left foot keep cramping again and again. I tolerated it as much I can, without the magnesium tablet.

I decided to join Urban Gymnastics for strength class and tumbling class. Well strength class, no problem. Tumbling … well, all I did was – do a cartwell on the awkward side and landed the ankle in the wrong way… damn, left foot in a lot pain. No swelling.

Few days, still throbbing, no swelling. Ok, went to the Dr, as usual, let few weeks for it to settle however you are going overseas so lets get an x-ray and ultrascan to see if there is any damage.   It was for my left ankle, not my foot.

First, X-ray (ankle) – no damage

Second, ultrascan (suspicious) – sewing needle, maybe.

I didn’t know at the time, so I went back to the Dr and the Dr said, we need an x-ray to confirm that it is actually a sewing needle in your foot which is why you are having so much pain and cramps in your left foot…

So Xray confirmed this. How long? Don’t know. Maybe 15 to 20 years. Yes you heard right. I am still baffled to this day, how it entered and why it had stayed there for so long.


Urgently arranged surgery to have it removed before Christmas, before I actually leave the country for 1 year.


Now you know why I am so happy about this milestone – I can actually run 5km without any pain!!   I can actually point my feet without any pain so back to running and ballet now!! YAY!  You know what this means? I can actually wear heels without having to feel the pain anymore.

My health and fitness journey is quite a long way but one day at time and that is the motivation for my journey.  Sometimes, you need to get beyond the general suspicion of the cramping and pain to find the actual issue.

1 thought on “Health and Fitness Milestone”

  1. Oh my goodness!! A sewing needle?! I’m so glad you discovered what it was and were able to take it out–it’s like a whole new life for your foot! Happy running and heel wearing :).

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