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Deaffest at Wolverhampton, UK

Wolverhampton: Deaffest

Friday 12 to Sunday 14 May 2017

Deaffest –

Photos – (coming soon – don’t know when)

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Deaffest is a weekend of showcasing films and documentaries made by deaf filmmakers. Exhibitions, seminars, workshops, parties and networking take place at the festival and everyone is welcome to take part, sharing their interest in films and the arts.

This is my first time attending the 12th Deaffest and I wasn’t sure what to expect.   Despite being the wrong time for me as I had a creative writing portfolio due in the following days after the Deaffest, I did enjoy myself and I had a great time meeting Deaf people, attending workshop and mostly enjoying the music!!

Deaf Films

The films made by the deaf filmmakers are of high quality, which I was very surprised with. No, I am not comparing to UK to Australia, as there are many factors to consider when it comes to the quality of films made by the Deaf people.   Also we have to think about access to workshops, educations, mentoring and so many other things. With the showing of the film, I was impressed.

Also Deaffest has invited a quite of number of international quests including Sean Forby (Deaf rap singer/signer), Sean Beady (actor from Switch at Birth) and Douglas Ridloff (ASL Slam) whom was the MC for Welcoming and Gala Night.

Visual Vernacular Workshop

The Acting Masterclass with Brian Duffy and Sean Berdy was fully booked so I booked into Giuseppe Giuranna VV Workshop. This workshop really taught me different way of doing VV to the one that I was taught.   Really opened my eyes and made me really vulnerable, in a good way.   I have booked in three days workshop as part of Festival Clin d’Oeil as I am really keen to explore this further.

International Creative Collaboration

The International Creative Collaboration panel discussion – it was more focused on budget and the type of projects. Not so much about recruiting and finding rare talents at international level. I didn’t really get much out of this panel discussion.   I sometimes feel that the organisations and individuals needs to start thinking about social enterprise model or try different funding model that is not so reliant on Government funding.   This is actually an issue around the world – not just UK and Europe, unfortunately.

In Australia, I have seen many arts organisation that have to close its door because they cannot change the funding model or didn’t foresee themselves being trapped by the government funding model and losing that funding that forces them to make the hard decision. I am very grateful for Vulcana Women’s Circus, an organisation that has worked so hard to change their funding model upon not receiving the government funding – it wasn’t easy because there was blood, tears and frustration. We still have to keep working in finding a sustainable funding model.  I know what it looks like because I was on the board when all of this happened.

Deaf Gala Award Night and Late Night Party!

It was great to see many people get awards for their hard work!   The MC was fabulous and I have learnt a thing or two if I choose to do future MCing.

Late night party was fantastic!! Music, music, music! Great company! What can I say! Oh yeah! I had a great time. Lots of laughter and I really enjoyed it.

Guardian of the Galaxy 2

On Sunday, 11.15am, we watched Guardian of the Galaxy 2 with subtitles.

I am Groot…. What can I say, so cute!!

I love Marvel movies! They are good movies with sense of humours that I really like. If you haven’t seen this movie, I recommend it, that if you like Marvel movies.


I can definitely recommend going to Deaffest or even consider submitting your films for next Deaffest.  Or even consider doing a workshop to deliver a particular skill.

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