Bath and Stonehenge

Saturday 18 March 2017
I went on a weekend trip to Bath and Stonehenge arranged by Uni-travel.  A 5 hour bus ride to Bath which I spent the afternoon exploring Bath Abbey and Roman Baths with a BSL guide thingy.  Both were beautiful.

As Bath is haven for a range of dietary requirements, I decided to have dinner at The Stable which has GF pizza and I told my vegan friends that it has vegan options as well.  Also this is the place where I learnt that Apple Cider tends to have gluten in it however most don’t … Here we go again – I am starting to dislike reading labels.

Then I took a nice walk through the town before heading back to the hostel.

Sunday 19 March 2017
Packed my bag and went for a walk to find the Pulteney Bridge and the Parade Park.  Eventually, I went to Rosario’s Cafe for a GF breakfast.  I recommend the cafe.

Eventually I returned to the hostel to wait for the bus to Stonehenge at 1pm.  It was delayed due to breakdown and an accident on the motorway before they were able to pick us up (2.45pm) therefore we didn’t get there in time to walk around and see the Stonehenge.  We saw it through the bus window.  While the chaos was happening with all of the waiting, I got GF sandwich from Whole Bagel –

Bath and Stonehenge

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