International Human Day

I have been typing and retyping for the last few weeks since I posted a Facebook status which I have deleted as I am not suitable for sharing my views on social media. I posted a Facebook Status on International Women’s Day as “International Human Day”. The comments to my status derailed what I was aiming for and I brought in my privilege as non-binary person for the wrong reason.

The purpose of International Women’s Day is to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. I have no problem with this celebration however I do have the problem with oppression that exists on this day.

I stopped celebrating International Women’s Day few years ago because a friend of mine who identifies as a woman that has been fully transitioned that was assaulted for celebrating International Women’s Day. Transgender female has the same right as a biological female to celebrate this day. Yet the biological female has taken this right away from the person which tarnished her identity as a female.  Please don’t say, there is a day for transgender and they can celebrate that day … That is just bluntly discriminating.

The word, “woman” is an adult female gender that you either born with or identified with. If you cannot let a transgender female celebrate this day, long with all of the other women, I guess, it’s time for you to check your privilege.

I want an International Human Day that would celebrate of achieving the unity and equality among all human-kinds across cultural, social, political and economic platforms. Segregation of the social conventions are driving the society apart and the narrow minded people that conforms to the society continues to oppress others, for what reason? At the end of the day, we are all humans and we can respect each other’s value.

My heart hurts everytime I see or hear oppression of human-beings. I often to have to call out their privileges. I never had white privilege because I grew up with all type of people as my neighbours that including aborigines. I played with them and I learnt a lot. Over the years, I learnt about Muslim culture, Indian culture, Amish and few others as I am always curious and wants to understand. Also to co-exist with them as human.

I really don’t want to get into oppression of specific human-being within a specific community as that is another whole story.  All I am asking of you is to check your privilege and making any person be part of the society.

Also, this is why I love arts because they test your values and ideals within this world – makes you think about others and the world that we exists in.

So yeah, I won’t be posting any more of my views on social media and will only have face-to-face discourse who are truly interested in seeing things differently from the world that we are in. I am just not suitable for social media and I am ok with that.

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