Taking a break

Happy New Year to you all.  I do not have any resolution for the year 2016 as each goal will be created throughout the year or carried over from the year of 2015.   As each goal are either accomplished, halted or failed, you can only learn from these goals that you have created to move forward.  After all we are human.  🙂

With a hiccup to the start of the new year with spending over 4 hours in the hospital with a stick in the top of my foot that narrowly missed the vessel whilst planting the pineapples into new garden box.  I was told not to exercise using my right foot for at least a week and I am grateful to be back riding my bicycle to work today!  Riding bicycle is like my meditation for the day.  It is an excellent mindfulness activity for me.


Since university semester has finished for the year 2015, I have been doing some reflection and determining the right route into the direction that I hope to head toward.   Whilst in reflection, 2015 has been a big year for me with commencing Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Drama with specialisation in scenography, working fulltime, making personal adjustments to my life, performing “Deaf to Sound” Lyra piece at Vulcana Women’s Circus Cabaret and travelling to India to perform at Sambhav Conference.   Throughout the year, I certainly have opened some doors and closed some doors to ensure that I continue on the journey.

I have been asked to perform “Deaf to Sound” work in Fluid Cabaret as part of Melt Festival 2016.   This is your chance to see this piece as I do not know when I will perform this again in the near future as I have no plan for 2016 performances.   This is due to my crazy schedule of working fulltime, studying part-time and committing to opportunities in theatre world.


As I was already tried, frustrated and losing motivation in circus and writing, that leaded to doubting myself and I was already losing confident in my ability.  In turn, this started to affect other aspects of my life so at this point, I have been trying to work out how to tell people that I am going to take a break from circus (from March onward depending on opportunities) and writing.  After reading a friend of mine’s blog, “2016 and a hiatus from blogging…” … I resonate with the term “silence in her work”.   I am going to take silence in my work to allow me to breathe, to re-energise and to grow my work.    This will help me to continue working toward the direction that I would like to take in the near future.   I am not giving up entirely, just taking a break.


Thank you for reading my blog and I will be back when time is right. See you around.

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