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June Update

It has been a chaotic few months with fulltime work, board management, part-time university study, Hands Up Project and few others things.  It has made me realise that I need to manage my load more efficiently as I have been burning on both end of a candle and getting sick quite too often.  Although, some things got to give and I already have made quite a few decisions.


University Studies

Well I submitted the last assignment on Monday and the result will be released at the end of June so all I know I have passed and that the main thing.   I am quite pleased with how things have turned out for semester 1 of the drama degree and I really enjoyed Creating Bodies course due to the physicality requirement of the course.

I will be commencing 2nd semester with 2 subjects.  And yet I still need to consider for next year whether I will continue to work fulltime or start studying with 3 subjects … I already enrolled into my 2nd major so hopefully, I will be able to do one or two subjects from the 2nd major next year.  It’s all in the air at the moment and I need to trust my own intuition.

I am quite interested and passionate about physical theatre than text based theatre.  It’s my niche. 🙂


Deaf Arts Queensland aka Deaf Arts Network for SEQ

I have decided not to continue this initiative as it doesn’t have enough support or help to drive this initiative in Queensland.   Also I have commitment in other areas of my life so I have decided to close the initiative, the Facebook page and to shred all the confidential information.   After all it is not a formal committee so I cannot hand over the information to anyone.

Curious Pixie Project

As you recalled the blog entry about the Incubator program, well I am still working on the Curious Pixie Project for the Leaping off the Edge Cabaret that being hosted by Vulcana Women’s Circus on Sunday 28th June 2015 at 6.30pm.  Name of the solo performance is yet to be named although I do have some ideas written down.  I will keep you posted in the near future.  Keep this date free to attend the cabaret!

Invite all your friends to the Facebook event –

Webpage & get your tickets here –

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