Curious Pixie, Professional Development

Vulcana Women’s Circus Incubator Program, Easter Cohort

I applied to participate in Vulcana Women’s Circus’ Incubator program to develop a solo work piece with working title – “Curious Pixie”.  This opportunity for me, is to gain a greater insight into the staging and making of devised work where different elements are at play – putting the vision of movements together with the constraints and freedom offered by the rigging, aerial equipment and physical scenography.

Also participating in the incubator program will allow the artists to use space to test ideas and share feedback with other artists who wants to test new ideas.  Also time to develop new ideas.

Space + time + knowledge/feedback = Incubator

I was accepted to be part of the Easter Cohort of Vulcana Women’s Circus Incubator Program (6 April to 17 April 2015), along with 1 other solo project and 4 groups project.   The purpose of the program is to explore and experiment with ideas/concepts to see what it may lead to and gain greater insight and support from an artistic director of Vulcana.

The initial concept of creating a solo performance was to explore the ground and Lyra movements using Visual Vernacular and some characteristics of Auslan based on the concept of Curious Pixie – a pixie that is curious of something.   The journey over the two weeks, I have learned a lot about experimentation and stepping out of the comfort zone – no talking or thinking, just doing it.

I reckon thinking stuffs it. – Circus Oz Clown

The concept has developed over time and I chose to use my journey with cochlear implants.    This incubator project had challenged my thinking through experimentation to develop new works through the concept of her relationship with sound and the acquisition of a cochlear implant.

I have been improvising on the Lyra to allow me to explore what is working and what is not.  It has been such an interesting journey breaking away from the usual set of routines or techniques already in place.  It has been a big learning curve for me and I am grateful for asking the questions that help me understand the devising process more clearly throughout the program.

I am really grateful for having this opportunity to explore and experiment with ground and Lyra movements with guidance and support from an Artistic Director – her knowledge and experience.  Without having her expertise, I would still be stuck in the rut and not going anyway with the ideas. I am very grateful.

The work is still in progress and hopefully, I would be able to finish this solo work by the end of May.

Video and photos of the devised work:


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