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Halfway through 1st Semester of Drama Degree

I was having a conversation with the Artistic Director at Vulcana Women’s Circus after the board meeting as I was seeking advice about accessibility in class.  As I mentioned, I now understand how theatre/show/drama is being made and I have realised that I have made mistakes in the past of being ambitious and far-fetched with ‘Curious Pixie’. The process is not easy to explain to amateur artists including myself.


To be honest, when I was involved in the Small Change performance, I never fully understood the process behind this performance and why the Artistic Director chose this process to brainstorm ideas and have interactive activities that will lead to the performance.  Now, as I am learning the basic concept throughout the Drama degree and I am enjoying it so far.  I am finally understanding the process behind the performance. Although, I can learn from my mistakes and move forward.

With the Curious Pixie, I have completely stepped back and look at what I can express through this small solo performance.  I have applied to be part of the Vulcana Incubator 2015 program to test these ideas.  They are simple basic ideas of curiosity and how I can make an abstract performance using an aerial apparatus.

The other day, I was thinking about double major degree – Drama and Dance as originally planned.  I have decided to pursue the double major and this means I will have to get back into doing Ballet and Contemporary dance for audition in October.  I have been dancing for the last 12 years.   Hopefully, I will be able to do the Dance as second major.   This means, I will be exposing myself to several techniques of drama, circus and dance to improve as a circus artist.


On the final note, it is ok to make mistake, admit mistake and learn from your mistakes.

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