Making lifestyle changes


In January this year, I made some decision to change my lifestyle habits including routine, food and exercise.  Prior to making the changes, in the last two years I had been battling with out-of-the-blue weight gain, severe emotional turbulence and constant internal battles that has caused me to withdraw from social settings.  I was going to gym and circus training almost every day and could not wade off the emotions and internal negativity or develop the muscle properly.  It was a constant battle mentally, physically and emotionally.

A friend of mine sends me a link about Ketogenic diet and I started looking into it along with few other potential diets although I didn’t take it seriously.  It was not until I watched the show, “Paleo Way” and that is when I really started doing more research with food and its effect on our bodies.


Along with my best mate, we started the journey of making changes to our lifestyle and this includes removing all grains, dairy based products and processed food from my diet.  Oh, it was difficult for the first few weeks because I thrive on sugar and process food although I do understand that it has severe consequences on my emotions and makes me feel very low (depressed or cranky) once the sugar wears off.

Now, I noticed that my emotions are becoming stable and constant, I no longer crave for processed food and I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen with simple basic ingredients such as meat, fruit, vegetables and plant based items (nuts and seeds).  Physically, I am now back to my normal weight range that I was 2 years ago and my muscles are finally forming properly.  Mentally, the internal battles are becoming less and less – I am thinking more positively and looking forward to the challenges without feeling too anxious about the challenge.  Eventually, I will be able to start weaning off my medication which I am looking forward to as I have been on it for the last 12 years.

Paleo diet is actually not really a diet but more of hunter and gathering diet that was the traditional way of living before introducing the processed food.  This diet is not a diet that has one size that fits all people. The diet is very flexible as long as you make a wise choice.  It is almost saying vegan with meat and egg diet as it does not contain any processed food and grain based food.  It is a basic and simple diet that can go a long way.


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