Performing Arts

Access to a language in active class

What I love is the ability to access my language and that is Auslan.  I may have sound to high English, ability to lip-read and comprehend what is being said but I still prefer to use Auslan for my memory retention and learning something new.  Yesterday, at one of my tutorial session, I learnt to contrast the right muscles during a yoga sequence. The tutor was quite clear and the interpreter translates that.  I will tell you what she said.  “You need to engage the lower abdomen along with the pelvic muscle, the muscle that you use to pee, that muscle, engage it and hold it throughout the yoga sequence.”  I never knew that.

When I am in an active environment, my ears are switched off and my eye is the listening device.  I watch the movement and work out how to move correctly including thinking about which muscles to contrast for the movement.  Half the time I am correct and other half, I am not doing it right.  My eye and my ear don’t work together that well. I can use one or other but when in concentration, only my eyes.  This is probably why I sustain more muscle injuries as I am always watching while attempting the movement and not doing it correctly.

If I am lucky, an Auslan interpreter being present in the class means I will get the full information through my eyes otherwise, I will miss a lot of critical information.   Having an Auslan interpreter in class means a lot to Deaf people and they will gain full benefit from the class such as yoga, gym and dance.

Tip for anyone who has Deaf participant in the class:

  • Talk about the muscles that need to be engage more clearly and understanding before attempting the movement.
  • Show the movement before you command the participant to do the movement.
  • If the floor is able to make vibrating feel, you can tap the floor to let the participant change the yoga sequence otherwise allow the Deaf participant to go at their own pace as they cannot hear the talking.  If we don’t, we will end up straining to keep up with the rest of the class during the sequence. This will lead to injuring the muscle rather than stretching and caring our muscles.

I would love to go back to practising dance although it is quite difficult for me to participate as I am occasionally injuring myself.  One day, hopefully, I am able to participate without injuring myself and that is my dream.

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