Arts and Cultural, Deaf, Performing Arts

Accessing events within the Arts and Cultural Sector

Deaf and disability people have the right to access any events within the arts and cultural sector such as Auslan Interpreted performance and audio described performance.   The image shows some of the symbols used currently throughout arts and cultural sector.


For performance, these symbols are universal and helps people like myself, identify whether the show is accessible.  Although there are times when the show are not accessible and I make assumption that it is visual.  Usually, half the shows that I have attended are and aren’t.

Visual Theatre that I have attended in the past:

  • Tabac Rouge is one of the show that is very visual and minimal dialogue (if I recalled there was only 3 or 4 lines out of the whole show), I would encourage other participants to go and see it.
  • Circus Oz, “But wait … there’s more” is another show that is very visual however has medium to high level of dialogue throughout the show and I missed a lot of those dialogue.This has forced me to think about creating accessible symbols for arts and cultural sector in terms of content within the performance.

I would like to go and see more visual theatre with low or no dialogue so I can enjoy visually.Some of the ideas that I have and would like to create to make it universal symbols are:

Name Items Symbol / Symbol idea
Dialogue No Dialogue

Low level of Dialogue

Medium level of Dialogue

High level of Dialogue

I need to think about this more
Transcript Transcript available Paper with lines symbol
Visual Theatre Visual theatre Eye symbol
Interactive Theatre Sensory theatre Finger touch a circle symbol

Any ideas or thought would be greatly appreciated.

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