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First day of university studying Drama at QUT

For the past few months, I had self-doubted myself whether I did the right thing by enrolling into Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Drama.  To be honest, I am not very good with changes in my routine as I have anxiety disorder so making this change is a huge step for me.  I need time to adjust to new environment to allow myself to become comfortable and develop relationship with people.  I get quite exhausted when adjusting to change in my routine.


Yesterday, I had my first day at university, I was nervous however looking forward to see if this degree is right for me.  I started with Creating Bodies tutorial first thing in the morning.  Throughout the tutorial we explored spatial environment, focus of our surrounding, tempo in walking/jogging and physical awareness.  Wow!  Such energy intensive however I loved it!  I left the class with high notes and enthusiasm for the rest of the day.

rabbit skipping

I attended the 1 hour lecture which gave a general overview of the unit, Process Drama and a small demonstration of what process drama is about. Although the Auslan interpreters struggled with understanding the lecturer’s voice as there wasn’t any microphone.   Next week, hopefully a lot better.

Lastly, I attend Process Drama tutorial and we explored various process drama techniques using the theme, “homeless”.  I identified with some drama process although I have learnt a lot.  Massively with the Auslan interpreters present as I wasn’t aware of the proper name of the process/techniques and how it is all linked together.  I am starting to enjoy drama!


It gave me the confidence and desire to continue my degree.  I am very excited with what to come.  Downside of it is that I work fulltime so I am studying part-time.  This means, that I will have to start putting my CV to arts companies (theatre and general arts management) to allow me to be exposed to arts and cultural sector.

Exciting time ahead!

1 thought on “First day of university studying Drama at QUT”

  1. Well done and exciting, it is an adventure and I am looking forward to reading all about it. All the best and enjoy Drama

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