Review: Kiss and Cry

Saturday 24th January 2015, 2pm

Auslan Interpreted


Kiss & Cry is a sweeping cinematic romance with a twist: its stars are a duo of dexterous, dancing hands, moving with grace and precision onscreen through a series of miniature landscapes. Shot and projected onscreen simultaneously, a sensual small-scale ballet comes to life before your eyes.

From prize-winning filmmaker Jaco Van Dormael and choreographer Michèle Anne De Mey, a founding member of Rosas dance company, this story of forgotten love, told from a beautiful tiny world, has charmed audiences of all ages.

A moving love story – and a showcase for some seriously inspired handiwork – Kiss & Cry is a gorgeous intertwining of film and dance, as nimble of finger as it is nimble of imagination.


I cannot provide a review of this show as access was poor due to potential miscommunication between the production of Kiss and Cry, Auslan Stage Left and Sydney Festival. Unfortunately the interpreter was on stage left and the deaf audience was on the audience left … means we were opposite side of each other therefore the deaf audience missed out on understanding the storyline of the production, “Kiss and Cry”.

I missed the stories that was told through the show.  It is a shame because visually, it looks beautiful although I would like to know the five love stories.

Stage itself was a combination of puppet-like stages with live-feed filming.  The puppet-likes stages were made of doll houses, beach setting, train set, cupboard and so on to tell story.  Like I said, it would be nice to know the stories to actually talk about the sets well.


Cannot provide rating for this show due to poor access.

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