I am now in Sydney for a week holiday as I am attending the Australian Theatre Forum 2015 as well as seeing few shows as part of Sydney Festival. As per usual I don’t normally post my domestic travels. I thought well, if people were visiting Australia, I might as well do a blog about my domestic travels from now on.

Bounce Hostel
I am currently staying at Bounce Hostel. It is not your typical type of backpacker hostel as it is more of a boutique hostel – safe, comfortable, clean and stylish. I am happy with this hostel. The downside is you have to pay for WiFi and the maximum stay at this hostel is 21 days (3 weeks) unless you have a working arrangement with the hostel. Also it can be expensive but then staying in Sydney Central is expensive. If you are trying to stay in Sydney for cheaper, better to book hostel in Potts Point or Newtown. It is only few suburb over and it is still quite near the city. Other than that, you cannot fault this hostel at all.

The location of the Bounce Hostel exceeds my expectation … no, not really. I deliberately chose this location because it is close to Central Station so I can go anywhere I want to at my doorstep. Especially that I am not familiar with the bus system here in Sydney and the train system here are well thought out compared to Brisbane. In Brisbane, it is the other way around.

My room is a 6 bed female dormitory and it is quite big and comfortable to move around. My locker contains the powerpoint so no fighting over the powerpoint to charge your mobile or laptop/tablet. Bed is comfortable and clean. Can’t really fault the bed. Haha.

Overall, I am happy staying at the Bounce Hostel.

MyMulti Travel 7 Days Pass
I have decided to purchase MyMulti Travel 7 Days Pass as I know I will be using the public transport a lot during Australian Theatre Forum 2015, Sydney Festival and exploring Sydney. The cost per day is approximately $6.85 a day and for me it is worth it as I use public transport approximately 4 to 6 times a day. Works well for me.

Although if you want to use less public transport, Opal Card is the go.

Walking is good and you get free exercises! Most of the places are in walking distance in the city except for Bondi Beach.

Bondi to Bonte Walk
On Sunday 18th January 2015, I chose to walk from Bondi Beach to Bonte Beach, along the coast. It was a nice however hot and blistering day (36 degree celsius) – perfect day to swim. Although I didn’t go swimming … I didn’t even think of packing my bikinis. Duh! Next time!

I was planning to walk from Bondi to Coogee … not in that type of weather and Bondi to Bonte walk was enough – just an hour walk. Beautiful beach – very blue. It made me want to take a dip in the sea in my clothes. Ah well. 🙂 Overall, it was beautiful and worth visiting.

Sydney Highlights
The usual highlights includes Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Cockle Bay is worth visiting. You can walk along the river from Darling Harbour to Opera House. Grab a Gelato along the way. Eventually, you will arrive at the Botanical Garden. Nice walk.

You have the option of climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This is not on my bucket list so do it if you like. 🙂

If you like Asian food, they have reasonable priced food/restaurant in Chinatown. Nice sushi and dumplings.

Also IGA is the supermarket that you should go to if you are interested in organic/coconut based products. IGA is in Marketplace.

World Square Shopping Centre
If you like expensive clothes or shoes, you can go to World Square Shopping Centre. Its not my style however just putting it out there. 🙂 Also you can go to Coles Supermarket to get the usual groceries.

Newtown Precinct
Newtown Precinct is my style – alternative, second-hand and unique shops. Also you would find more healthy range of food in this precinct. You should try the Gelato at the Gelato Blue – they are vegan ice-cream. Yum! Check out the Newtown Precinct.

Broadway Shopping Centre
If you are after for basic needs from Kmart or Target or Aldi, do go to Broadway Shopping Centre which is only 10 to 15 minutes walk from Central Station.

I am enjoying my stay in Sydney although for the rest of this week, I will be attending Australian Theatre Forum 2015 and Sydney Festival events.

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