Another year…

Some will say I had a good year. Some will say I had a bad year. To me, this is just another year of good and bad times, like all the other years that has passed.

While some changes has been transformational, while other changes is minimal.

Some years are easy to remember while the other years seem to fade away as we continue to grow.

My year to me is another year of good times and bad times. Some decisions were made and these decisions have varying consequences – good and bad.

Some believe they should start the new year with a new start … Isn’t it bizarre that we need to think that way? Maybe you can have a new start somewhere in the middle of the year.

The years are linked as things are carried from the year to another year.

Some doors stay opened, some doors are closing and some doors are opening.  Embrace the change and opportunities that comes your way although only you can make the move to make these changes, not waiting for these opportunities.

Most importantly be there for yourself, for your family and for your friends.

May you have a safe festive season and all the best for New Year.

another year

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