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Thinking out aloud …

Since being accepted to study Bachelor of Creative Industries tentatively … yes tentatively as I would like to study Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drama) with two minors – Scenography; and Performance Events and Festivals.  This degree is my 1st preference and Creative Indusries is my 2nd preference.  Either way, it doesn’t really matter however the difference between those two is that Fine Arts degree is more practical than the other degree.  🙂

I am really keen on exploring scenography – especially aerial/physical theatre scenography.  The work of “Sappho in Nine Fragments” by Jane Montgomery Griffiths has really inspired me to explore space, use of equipment to create an unique scenographic environment for performance.  She used ropes with chinese poles.  Interesting how she interpreted Sappho story into a visual stimulating performance.

Sappho Poster low res-1

While I am looking at options of doing overseas study for 1 year in UK/Europe in 2016 as I would like to attend the Unlimited Festival 2016; continue researching into inclusive theatre as well as interpreted theatre; and explore the beautiful arts and culture.  Also meet wonderful artists with unusual personality … only kidding.  I mean everyone.   I am just undecided on which university to do an international exchange program with.  Doing more research on the options.

To help with my research, I posted a status on my Facebook asking for advice and/or ideas on which university is worthwhile attending while I am in UK.  Someone mentioned Royal Scotland of Conservatoire (RSC), 3 years Bachelor of Performance in BSL/English – I witnessed the milestone while I was in Glasgow when they announced the degree.  I was very excited.

I would love to do the degree although it will not be easy for an international student on a UK student visa – only 10hr of work permitted and fulltime during vacation break.  Unless you are sponsored, you can do 20 hours work permitted during semester and fulltime during vacation break.  This option would be nice but I need to know more people to make that happen.  Also not much option of scholarship/grant to do an overseas study for 3 years or apply as international student.

I sent an email to (RCS) to see what options I have as international exchange student or as international student.

So much choices and I am really excited to be on this journey.

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