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Numbness in left hand

I have been dealing with numbness in my left hand for the last few months and the strength has weakened causing me to not to hold on longer when doing aerial.  My right arm is doing everything at the moment which is not good.  Since I am on break from aerial and dance class I made a range of medical appointment to see what may have caused the numbness in left hand.

I went to the Dr last Monday and received the referral to have an x-ray done.  I then went to Mater Hospital to get x-ray done on Tuesday afternoon.  The follow up appointment was on Monday (few days ago).

The verdict?  The cervical spine has no fracture and looks healthy except there is no natural curve in the cervical spine when moving your head down to right side.  This means the muscle is either tight, in shock or cramping. Potential nerve damages as well.

Now what?

Physiotherapy, massage and gentle stretching as well as yoga.  No weight lifting.  At least I have few months off to relax and rehabilitate before the busy year of 2015.

The moral of this story?

Please look after yourself! And do regular alternative therapies like this gorgeous ginger cat.


1 thought on “Numbness in left hand”

  1. Yoga is an amazing ‘therapy’ tool it not only for the body but also for the mind and it amazing how yoga can change our thinking from stress, negative, worries and much more into a calm positive and peaceful state of mind. I find yoga very rewarding for my back pain, my mental health issues, my worries about my children and for my state of mind. I am sending positive thoughts to you for you to heal and your hand to heal so you can continue to enjoy what you love doing. DB x

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