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High School sketches

I was getting into my memory box which is a 120L plastic box full of stuff cumulated over the years since high school.  I needed two sheet of A3 size from my sketch book to do tattoo sketches for my left arm so I got my A3 sketch book out and OMG, I completely forgotten about all the sketches that I have done when I was in high school.  The reason I never pursued Arts after high school was because I felt that I was not good enough and the art teacher was constantly putting me down all the time.  She wasn’t open minded nor encouraged the deeper soul searching.

Here are some of the sketches.

When I did graphic design (architectural design), I did some design of when I ever do own a kombi van.  Today price is $50K or more.


My high school arts work prior to sculpting, oil pasting or painting.  I didn’t keep the actual arts work.  Every grading that I received, I ended up destroying them even if I has so much pride of working on those project.  I still kept the sketch work just in case that I might decide to re-create them.


I started doing fashion design in grade 9 as I was very interested in fashion even though I never wear the latest fashion myself. Every time I designed something, 6 months later, something similar comes out.  For example, 1 shoulder sleeve shirt or 1 sleeve shoulder dress was designed 6 months prior to another fashion launching the actual fashion.  I was astonished on how I can design something and have something launched  6 months later.  I never published my designs online and I have always thought about publishing them but never got around to doing so.  I also did several research into fashion history independently as it wasn’t taught in school. Here are some of my designs throughout high school.


Now I am doing stage designs in my spare time.  I do enjoy designing as it is intriguing and challenging.  🙂

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