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Review: Deluge by Motherboard Production

Thursday 18th September 2014, 7.30pm


Conceived by Jeremy Neideck and realised by an international team, Deluge is a new experimental dance project that is the result of a long-term, transcultural collaboration and dialogue between artists from Brisbane and Seoul.

Plunged into the depths of a feverish dream, the audience bears witness to a cycle of rituals and meditations that conjure up ancient myths of waterlogged gods.

Subtle transformation, explosive choreography, and dynamic amplified vocalisation, combine to explore the deep sorrow and sublime ecstasy that are hallmarks of Korean culture, refracted through an Australian lens that evokes a paradoxical relationship with one of nature’s most destructive elements – from droughts to flooding plains.


I am not sure how to review this production as I left with mixed feelings. The only way for me to review is to start from the beginning.

The first 30 minutes was about serving tea with waitress in slow motion walk until it is their turn to make tea, they do it at normal pace.   This part frustrates me because I had people around me checking their watches wondering “when” the show will start.  Impatience was showing around me making me uncomfortable. By 20 minutes mark, I was ready to walk out because I felt like what the hell are you doing and I was already anxious due to people with their emotions around me. This was when a guy came onto the stage in their costume looking at a prop that was laid out on the floor.

At 30 minutes mark, which was when the tea was last served and the tea cupboard was moved off stage. Few dancers were already in their costume and looking at their props.

Then the next 10 minutes was about looking at prop and putting them away to a log or somewhere safe because most of them was glass. Slow start … technically not a slow start but a med start really to the full show.

The last half hour was beautiful. It talks of how the water moves – still and gentle movement and eventually you have people running for their lives due to flood and tsunami so forth.   There was gentle dancing and eventually built up to rough dancing – I can’t really describe it as it makes you feel like something is going to happen.

There was a strong use of strobe lights to have such lighting effect on stage. I loved how they use the triangle laser light toward the audience for ocean where people disappear into the ocean.

I really enjoyed the last half an hour of Deluge, but I am not sure about the first 40 minutes of the show.  It didn’t receive a standing ovation. There was a wave of clapping but not fully everyone was clapping. They did a good job but they need to think about how they can utilize their 1st 40 minutes well.



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