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Review: Le Noir, the Dark Side of Cirque


Enter the captivating world of Le Noir, a truly unique and electrifying theatrical experience featuring 22 of the greatest cirque performers on the planet, all of whom are award winning athletes and many former stars of Cirque du Soleil. Never before has a cast of this calibre been seen in Australia.

The Australian premiere of Le Noir, direct from a sold out world tour will see for the first time ever, the Lyric Theatre transformed to seat audiences around a custom-built circular stage giving a spectacular 360 degree view of the performance and bringing the heart pounding action closer than ever before.

World class acrobats, musicians, speciality acts and comedians are the centre piece of the production and will enthral audiences in this spell-binding theatrical journey. This production is surreal, beautiful, seductive and at times hilariously risqué.

With incredible displays of balance, contortion, stamina, aerial artistry and death defying acts, such as the Colombian Wheel of Death, the skills exhibited by the cast of Le Noir is a show that you don’t want to miss.


I enjoyed it immensely as it was entertaining although the cirque skills is bit repetitive and not quite creative in showing the storyline.  It would be nice to see how they would connect to create such story.  It was just purely cirque show.

I enjoyed the hostess on how he involved the audience to be part of his game.  In the first part of the full show, there was an air band on the stage – drummer, shaker, piano, and guitarist.   In the second half of the show, he invited a woman on the stage to be his date and on a picnic with him.  Quite comedic to watch.

I liked how they used the colour of costume to demonstrate the transition toward the dark side – going from white to red to black.  Its like you were on a sexual journey from being a virgin to having such sexual desire on valentine’s day and then joining the dark side of the sexual desire.  Quite interesting concept.  The music actually compliment the journey quite well.

Overall, I enjoyed it and it was light-hearted entertainment.



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