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Review: White Porcelain Doll


The world has been captivated by the escapes of long-term hostages The Cleveland Girls and Natascha Kampusch; White Porcelain Doll explores the incredible strength and tenacity of such women to overcome the cruelty of their captors and survive.


The creative development of “White Porcelain Doll” was exploring the theme of women in captivity especially with what has happened with Cleveland Girls and Natascha Kampusch along with other women around the world. It was quite interesting stories to be exploring and attempting to balance the emotion triggers and lightness of the performance.

There are two characters in this performance – a woman and a man. A man is holding a woman in captive.   The stage is leveraged with a hole to a basement, armchair and a box.

Light on … off … on … off … this simplifies the number of days that the woman is being held in captive. Good use of light although it was tiring after a while and became annoying, as I wanted to see the full story.

With various movements in between light switching, they used various behavior of what the women exhibits when they are in captive. Anxiety, grieving, following the man’s order, silent, being raped, hiding, washing, and becoming an animal… There were beautiful movements between the two characters to exhibit the behavior between a man and a woman in captive.

I liked the use of visual projections on the wall and on the body to embody the environment of the performance.  It was well used throughout the show and has given me ideas of what to expect for future creative development.

Overall, I did enjoy the show although it would need some more work with light designs as it was becoming very annoying toward the end.



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