UK & Ireland Circus Research Network

Interesting insight into circus research and I do agree thst it is like a secret society where you need to find the golden gems amongst the ordinary gems.

The Circus Diaries

IMG_2370 Arantza Barrutia-Wood of the National Fairground Archive, Professor Ron Beadle, and Petrea Owens of Albert & Friends

Part of the circus tradition is the strong sense of community that grows in and around the art. Yesterday saw the launch of an extension to these communities with the founding of a Circus Research Network for the UK and Ireland, which will allow those engaged in Circus Studies – academics, practitioners, hobbyists or professionals – to forge links with each other and share research findings, methodologies, resources and opportunities.

This is the first UK footprint of a Global Institute for Circus Studies, as dreamt up by attendees of the Effective Circus conference in Tampere last year (and, though many of those involved with this launch are actively involved with Social Circus projects, it should be clear that the CRN is intended to be a communications hub for any form of…

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