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I am in my 4th year working for the government, I am now at a crossroad of my career and trying to decide which road to take. I am reflecting on the last seven years, I really enjoyed my time with Arup and AECOM, I graduated in the period of GFC thus receiving the redundancy and unable to continue the career that I was aiming for.

My heart desire is to go back into consulting as a sustainability consultant as I enjoy working on identifying solutions to existing environment issues; implementing environment and sustainability strategies; and to extend my appreciation for global environmental and humanitarian issues through studying and working in Australia and overseas.

My philosophy as follow:
I envision the organisations and the communities to transform itself into a showcase of sustainability, a true ecosystem in harmony with its environment. It presents an opportunity for us to increase environmental awareness and to improve the quality of our environment, while decreasing the overall operating cost of the organisations.


Since I graduated with Master of Environment majoring in Water Resources, I am looking into doing another postgraduate degree – more specifically in public policy and international development. I am yet to make any decision although I do still want to make a difference to the society by enhancing their environment. I just recently saw a position that I really like, with UNDP. Also I have been looking at projects that I would possibly be involved with.

On the other hand, I am yet to decide what to do with Deaf Arts Queensland … I will wait until the outcome of the grant application which the result will be release in June and I will make a decision whether to continue this project or not. It is a hard place to be in as I have a career that I would like to have and trying to do something to improve the wellbeing of the deaf community. I am torn between the two at the moment and I will be leaving this project alone for now.

Also I need to work on my artform and to continue learning about performing arts. There are days when I feel like quitting although I just keep going. Call it Creative block, bit like writer’s block, I need to break through the frustration and the stagnation of my creating the artform – eventually, I will get there like always.




9 thoughts on “Career direction”

      1. Be nice to have another fellow Aussie there…funny i’m saying this when I’m from Singapore. I guess I feel I belong both in Melbourne and Singapore. I’d identify with both! Good luck! 🙂

      2. I have always wanted to do humanitarian work in the area of environment and social… it all comes down to finances really. Andrew Harper on Sunday Night had cemented that. Hopefully an opportunity would come my way soon. 🙂 I am hoping to be in Melbourne soon before you leave the Australian soil!

      3. Oh I am leaving june 15th for Singapore first. Will be there for 6weeks before flying to USA. When will u be in Melbourne?

      4. Oh 😦 we can catch up next time…hopefully u get to the u.s within the next two years. All the best. 🙂 hope we meet again.

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