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Last year, I was into heavy gym training, as I like the hard stuff such as crossfit training and had the attitude of “go hard or nothing”. During the Rising Star Masterclass, I fell from the Lyra onto hard floor as I was wearing the wrong clothes – mind you don’t try loose jean on the Lyra as they tends to get caught.

After the fall from the Lyra onto the hard floor last year, I injured my hip so my fitness has taken a backseat for approximately 6 months. Prior to my return from overseas, I consulted with my work colleague about Pure Health Club as I was looking for balanced fitness training rather than heavy fitness training.

From on there in, I joined Pure Health Club upon my return from overseas with three goals:

  1. Core strength
  2. Toned muscles
  3. Flexibility

I recently started the 8 weeks Pure Lean Team Training and it god, the personal trainer is certainly pushing the limit of our capability and I am really enjoying it. This week, my tush is pretty sore after the training. Looking forward to week 3 training.

Coupling with gym training and aerial training, they compliment each other and I noticed that the strength built from gym training does benefit the aerial training.

Also I significantly changed my diet as well – removing majority of the processed food with some exception for condiments such as soy sauce and Thai red curry paste and gluten-free food such as GF wraps. The foods that my partner and I normally eat are just meat, dairy, fruits and vegetable. At first it was hard as I normally like sugar and eventually it got easier and easier.

I started looking into alternative practices as well, including mindfulness and channeling my emotions in a different way – for instance, gym does help with my frustration at work and I haven’t lost my temper yet … TOUCH WOOD!! Also I have started using doTERRA oils in my smoothies and so far my favourite is On Guard and Ginger oils.

People would usually say Gym Membership is a waste of money … well if you don’t choose the right gym, the place and your availability well enough, then yes gym membership is a waste of money. I chose a gym in city, which is only 5 to 10 minutes walk/run from my work, and I go at lunchtime because it suits me well.  Think carefully on which gym you want to join and use it wisely.

I will post the next update after my 8 weeks challenge on mental wellbeing. J

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