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It is time to give an update

at_least_you_tried_7216Last month, I did a video audition for a company, I did not get through to the next stage. At least I tried and I learnt something from this process.  I will improve the audition video for the next audition if needed.

Also, I was requested to write an article on behalf of the Arts Queensland and it has been published on 2nd May 2014.  It can be viewed:

Now it is May and it is the month to hear about the outcome of the four grant applications that I have submitted in January and February of this year.  I am little bit nervous after not getting the last two grant applications.  At least I am learning along the way so I don’t have any high hope of either gaining or losing the grant and I still have my finger crossed. I will keep you posted.

1 thought on “It is time to give an update”

  1. yes good luck with it. Yes I think it is what we learn in the process of it all that is important. I remember when i applied for a certain job before, I realised what i did not know and what areas i needed to build experience in. Nothing is wasted. Good luck and i hope you get positive news after all your time and efforts. 🙂

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