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Be proactive, not reactive

reactive-proactiveI am seeing a lot of reactive comments in the last 6 months about access and inclusivity in meetings, seminar and conference.  There are many of us advocating to improve access and inclusivity in things that we do and we don’t need recognition for the hard work that we put into advocating.  Most of us are happy to break the door down for the future generation of the deaf community.  Like for example, Des Power fought hard to allow the deaf people to study at Griffith University and I am grateful for the rich history leading to my ability to participate in university.  Access and inclusivity at all university is constantly being improved and they are not PERFECT, yet they have done well in providing access.

As for reactive comments, there is no need to tarnish any organisation reputation on social media or anywhere you go.  How about making the effort to contact the organisation to have a discussion about improving the accessibility and inclusivity.  We are all still learning.  For instance, last week, at a meeting with an organisation that is well known in the deaf community, they learnt something new about access because everyone has their own preference of what access they prefer.  Each individuality has their own preference to what access they need.

Why not start being proactive by asking directly to see if they can improve access and ensure they can strengthen their inclusivity within their organisation.

I am learning everyday and I am being proactive to gain the access I need to be able do the activities.  You should too!  If you need guidance, ask for it and there are people who are willing to help you.

One day in the near future, at any seminar or conference, there will be full access including Sign Language Interpreters (any and including deaf-blind), captioning, audio-descripting, wide aisle and ramps for wheelchairs, support workers and other access.  This can be gain through proactive advocacy.

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