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Opportunities that is happening this year and I will continue to update other opportunities through blogging.

2014 Arts Activated Conference
Accessible Arts which is based in New South Wales is organising 2014 Arts Activated Conference and they recently started calling for presenters.  I am considering putting in a proposal for this conference on terms of collaboration and disability arts using various case studies from my trip overseas and how it can happen here in Australia.  The submission is due on 28th April 2014.

Paralympic Aerial Legacy Intensive 2014
Gravity and Levity is organising Paralympic Aerial Legacy Intensive again this year for deaf and disabled artists.  I am really excited about this professional development and I am hoping that I can attend this professional development. This week professional development is happening on 28th July to 1st August 2014 in London, United Kingdom at National Centre for Circus Arts, previously known as Circus Space.

If successfully getting the grant, I would like to take someone from here in Brisbane with me to attend this professional development and to gain first hand experience of working with deaf and disabled aerial artists.  It would be great if we can establish similar program here in Australia.  A week of professional development for deaf and disabled artists would be splendid!

European Aerial Dance Festival 2014
Gravity and Levity organises European Aerial Dance Festival 2014 in Brighton, United Kingdom from 4th August to 10th August.  This great opportunity to meet with other artists and to improve and explore aerial skills.

Unlimited Festival
Unlimited Festival is happening on 30th August to 9th September showcasing extraordinary work of deaf and disabled artists at Southbank, London.  If successfully getting the grant to attend Paralympic Aerial Intensive Week, I might extend my stay to watch and participate in Unlimited Festival in a way of networking and collaborating with deaf and disabled artists.

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