Circus, Curious Pixie, Deaf Arts, Research and Development

Planning, Planning, Planning

Since returning from overseas, I have been planning and was about to experiment with the ideas that I have developed during the planning session.  Unfortunately, with the poor car at the hospital after the Ute reversed into the parked car outside our home.  I won’t have the car back until around the 1st week of April … Then I can start experimenting and having fun on this project.  Of course with videos and photos to be posted onto the blog.

I am really excited about working on my project – Curious Pixie as it allows me to question the concepts in a different view.  I have already done a draft storyboard for Curious Pixie and I am waiting for the artistic director to return from her adventure to have a discussion about the the storyboard.

I applied for 3 grant application since I returned and I was planning on applying for Experimental Arts Grant however I decided against it until I develop the protocol and then I will apply for it again in October even though I has a strong indication of getting the grant if it the cost was not too high.  I need the protocol and evidences to support the grant application.  When things has settled down a bit and I have the car back, I will be going shopping to get the items needed to create the protocol.

I am continuing my classes in Aerial Silk and Aerial Lyra.  I have joined the gym and now working hard on my core strength after being away for 4 months.  Lots of work to do!

I have been searching for an arts space and I am not having much luck in Brisbane.  There ain’t many artist space here in Brisbane and we really need them to allow people to work in a space away from home.  If anyone knows a space that I can work in for a short-term (6 months), please let me know.

Oh and I am looking forward to circus sesh on Gold Coast next Friday, that is being organised by ACAPTA.

I will keep you all posted in the next few weeks.

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