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Back at Circus class this week …

After traveling for 3 months, and attending the first week of Aerial Lyra (Aerial Hoop for international people), I feel so unfit!  Today I am very sore and have massive bruises on my legs.  Ah joy of training with Lyra.  Also I am doing Intermediate Silk this Saturday as well.  😀

I only managed to fit in one open access class when I was in Toronto.  I wasn’t able to fit in any aerial training in my schedule while I was in London and Glasgow. Plus I was sick with the flu for the last 3 weeks of my travel.  Also the post-recovery time from the travel is longer than expected.  Normally, I was able to bound back from the overseas trip but not this time, especially being sick with the flu and only just got better when I was ready to leave London.

I have joined the gym to work on the core strength and flexibility to get back to the level where I was at last year and my goal for this year is to advance onto advance classes.  Also I have someone in mind for my private lesson starting in April / May.  I am really looking forward to working on my traplyra.  I have made enquiry to see if I can take 1cm off the trapeze section of the traplyra however I will need to determine if this is the best approach or not.

I have made a vow with my fiance that we will start eating right food, exercise and initiate proper sleep routine for this year.  Meaning we are removing most processed food from our diet including no sugar, flours and few other items. I am yet to find a substitute for snacks as I rarely eat nuts or yoghurt. The diet will include fruit/vegetables, meat (beef and poultry – no pork or lamb), and diary products.  Exercises most days at the gym, circus and riding my bike to work and home.

Earlier this week, I have submitted a grant application so I hope it all goes well.  🙂 I am yet to upload the documents to the Documentation section of the website.  Also I finished my Bursary Report for Access Arts and Arts Queensland.  I am really excited about my artistic journey into creating Curious Pixie.

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