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What next?

The last 2 and half months has been a very big learning curve for me and I now have a clearer idea of what I would like to do next.   Doing placement with two companies, meeting with various organisation and exploring new concepts for audience development. I really enjoyed these experiences in Canada and United Kingdom. Now what next?

I now know for sure that I do not want a deaf based theme for performing arts such as exploring deaf culture, deaf theme and deaf history.  I am not keen to have to have any performing arts focusing on Deafness.  I prefer the use of sign language or visual theatre.  I just started thinking about how to incorporate a deaf performing artists into performance project … For example, if you do a Shakespeare “Romeo & Juliet”, what if one of the actor were deaf and the rest is hearing, you would modify the script to incorporate an interpreter as a character … more like a messenger that can sign. I would like to see theatre companies test the idea and do more experimenting rather than continue with standard theatre practise.

I liked Solar Bear Theatre Company structure which looks at different areas of theatre for instance, youth, training and professional development.  They have came a long way and I certainly would like to see something similar like this to happen in Australia.  This theatre company is not deaf focused theatre and it is more of a theatre with deaf artists.  I like this concept rather than deaf focused theatre with deaf artists …. doesn’t fit with me.  Also I liked Graeae Theatre for their cross-form performing arts for deaf and disabled artists.  Both theatre companies has a place in my heart.

As for Candoco Dance Company, this is more of my personal interest as I am integrating contemporary dance and aerial dance in my solo performance.

Cross-arts theatre is something that I am looking forward to establishing in Brisbane.  A cross-arts theatre with a wide range of different techniques – circus arts, dance and theatre.  I rather not focus on a specific discipline.  I will leave that to choreographer who is interested in working with deaf and disabled artists.

I certainly will continue my research and development project in enhancing audiences through multi-sensory tools.  I am really keen on testing various senses to ensure the full audience will enjoy the experience.

As for my solo performance, I am incorporating both R&D and my performance project with feedback and ideas that I have gathered over the last two months.  I am really excited about this performance project.

As for my website, I will develop an additional page entitled download which will be password protected to allow funding bodies to access for more information on specific performance project, videos, and photos.

I am really excited about what this year will bring.

1 thought on “What next?”

  1. All the best for this year and great to hear you have a clearer direction on where you are going. There’s nothing better than to have clarity. 😉

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