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Visit to Graeae Theatre

I visited Graeae Theatre on Tuesday 12th February, in the afternoon and I met with two lovely ladies at Graeae Theatre.   I arrived 1 hour early from previous meeting so I had time to sit in the foyer to have lunch and observe the environment.  I actually felt at home because I was watching Graeae Theatre from Australia for their amazing cross-arts work so I was glad to make this opportunity to visit and meet the staff at Graeae.  Also I was listening into a conversation in the foyer about the lack of transparency and understanding of deaf and disabled artists in a recent audition of one of the theatre company.   This gave me insight of how the artists whom are either deaf and disabled felt with the audition process.

During the meeting, I explained my background in Circus Arts and then we talked about training opportunities for artists like myself followed by discussion of performance projects that are high-quality.  Very open-minded, optimistic and pleasant conversations and we watched a video of the aerial training prior to the London Paralympic 2012 as well as the outdoor performance.  Such amazing work has been done by Graeae Theatre.

I am hoping to return to UK to attend Paralympic Aerial Legacy Intensive Week in July and this would allow me to get to know Graeae Theatre more.

This is the type of theatre that I would like to get involved.  It matched my idea of what company I would like to be part of as I am an aerialist wanting to be part of a deaf and disabled artists theatre company. I am really keen on working with both deaf and disabled aerialist in the near future.

Their website:

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