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Meeting with Chisato Minamimura

On the morning of Wednesday 12th February, I met with Chisato Minamimura to talk to her about her research and development. We spent almost 2 hours talking about different ways of integrating ideas into theatre and dance.

Before I go further, let me explain first.  I have been looking at different techniques and technology for a visual, emotions and feeling to be incorporated into dance and theatre.  Why am I doing this?  Well, when I am doing dance, being involved in theatre or doing aerial dance, I can’t really focus on music itself as I usually take off my speech processor as it constantly falls off when I am practising hence the “flying” hearing aids during the class.  I use snugfit on my speech processor but it still sometimes fall off so this is something that I would not want to see happen during a performance.  Also I am looking into enhancing audiences that are deaf, disabled and hearing.

Chisato has been working on understanding music from a deaf perspective through various techniques such as dance, digital arts and so forth.  It was an excellent conversation to be had and I really am pleased to have contacted her.  Chisato has been researching music through self-study and trying to understand how music was made – in terms of elements such rhythm, pitch, melody and harmony.  Being deaf, we often watch other artists to know our cue. She took it one step further by trying to understand what music is and how to incorporate that into dance from a deaf perspective.  I really enjoy how she has produced such high quality projects and delivering it with such interest.  It is really impressive.

She also mentioned the European Arts and Cultural Festival which is held every biennial year so I missed out the 2013 festival and have noted the 2015 festival. Hopefully, I will be able to attend the festival in 2015.  This is an opportunity to understand what other deaf artists has came up with to produce such high quality project.

Her website:

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