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Curious Pixie R&D

I started exploring the use of visualisation and has started looking into type of software that I might need to purchase if I am unable to find someone who is expert in visualisation programming.  This is what I originally started with just using Ed Alleyne-Johnson’s song, We are all made of stars” with iTune visualisation.

I continued to explore ideas to combine music, visual, technology and performing arts … I have stumbled across this video and fell in love with it, with thanks to the Designer of the project that I am involved in as part of Solar Bear Theatre Company placement.  I will provide a report at the end of this week.  This clip is something I am considering and would like to play with this concept when I return to Australia.

When I return to Australia, I will be getting in touch with people to work with me on this project.  I am getting excited about the discoveries that I am making and hopefully, with the grants that I have applied for, will be able to assist with this project.  I just need to find someone who works with computer programming and be able to create a visualisation to be projected onto the screen.

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