Circus, Curious Pixie, Deaf, Project

Project in development

I started working on the “Curious Pixie” and really that is my character … so hopefully a better name soon. For now, just focus on curious pixie as I am still experimenting with fusion of dance, theatre, circus arts and mutlisensory technologies.  I am hoping to work with someone or two on this project so if you are interested, please let me know and yes it is Brisbane based.

Written translation of what I see in my mind:

Curious Pixie is always questioning and learning, and she seem young and alive, as her mind is always alert, curious, flexible and open to new experiences. She have a childlike enthusiasm for anything new and she learn easily, but she also get bored rather quickly.  Consistency and reliability are not great virtues of her, and her life is apt to be full of changes and movement due to her restlessness.  She come across as an independent sort, someone who doesn’t wish to be controlled or dictated to.

One day, curious pixie saw something near her home, a magic door.  Curious pixie is always curious and she decides to enter the door into an unknown space, where gravity no longer exists and boundless adventures await in this magical and heartwarming landscape. It will take you on a journey that will fire your imagination through movement, vibration, text and visual.

The images are projected on the stage, on the equipment and people on the stage for emotions effect … the spoken text is written in a way that demonstrates the emotion of each person rather than plain spoken text.

The vibration to allow the audience feel rather than hear the sound.

Still a work in process and photos to show what has been done and ideas to work with.

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