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Candoco Placement

Today Friday here in London, United Kingdom and I just arrived back at the accommodation after my meeting with Claire and Jamie from Diverse City.  Now I am going to summarise my first week of Candoco Placement.

I have been doing the Yoga class with the other dancers for the last 3 days and I have to say, wow … I am not a fan of yoga although I have learnt a lot from doing the yoga classes with balance, stillness and knowing your limits.  Although every time we do the close your eyes relaxation … I fall asleep.  Good thing I don’t snore.  Haha!  Still having problems with my hip, I am not sure if it is still from the accident back in August or from the fall I had 4 weeks ago just outside of Toronto train station.  I really miss my rumble roller so I am looking forward to going home to do a lot of stretching in the pelvis and hip area as  I am back to square one and hopefully, I will be able to do my splits again within 4 to 6 months.

After the Yoga class, I get to observe the dancer improvise the new company work choreographed by Thomas Hauert.

For me, as an observer of the rehearsals, they turn the space into a imaginary playground and the dancers improvise on the tasks they were given.  It is very interesting as each dancer have their own ideas of what the tasks means to them.  Yet beautiful to watch the whole creative development process.  You cannot tell from non-disable to disable dancer.  It merges together and the whole process is enticing and the pull is there, wanting to be part of the process.  I hope for something similar to happen in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Today, I only watched one hour of the rehearsal as I has to go to a meeting.  I was meeting with Claire Hodgson and Jamie Beddard from Diverse City.

We had a short but excellent conversation about performing arts in Australia and in UK.  Also we spoke about the barriers that we were facing currently.  I really appreciate Pedro (Artistic Director of Candoco) for organising the meeting.  Diverse City is a mixture of theatre, dance and circus arts.  Currently Diverse City is currently working on “Extraordinary Bodies: Weighting” with Cirque Bijou and you can watch the clip on the home page.  They mentioned that they would like to tour Australia.  I am intrigued to see the full show.  This is something that I would like to see happen in Brisbane and I am hoping to get a group together so we can create extraordinary performance.

During the conversation, we exchanged details of what we know and don’t know.  I got few more artists and organisation to follow up while I am in UK.  🙂

Tomorrow, I will be heading to Shoreditch to explore the suburbs and its vibrant life.  For people back in Brisbane, it is similar to West End.

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