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The year of 2014, what I hope for…

A lot has been on my mind for the last few days as I has been a solo traveler on Topdeck Winter Spirit Tour for most of the time, which I am enjoying so far, being on my own away from few bitter and negative people who cannot seems to actually enjoy the tour and accept everyone’s flaws.

This tour has allowed me to reflect on a lot of things and had allowed me to explore the gems of each location that we visit.  You will be surprised at the hidden gems that you find in each location by getting lost!  😀  Also it has taken me out of my own comfort zones as far as I can take it and being used to getting lost and enjoying the journey.  It has been an amazing adventure as far as I am concerned and my AD hasn’t caused any havoc yet, which I am pleased with.  Touch wood!!

In 2013, I was committed to fulltime work and 3 casual jobs as well as studying part-time to complete my Masters degree, being a board member for Vulcana Women’s Circus and doing aerial training on top of that.  Oh and working on the “Deaf Arts Queensland” initiative voluntary and on contract. Consider it commitment overload!!   I managed to survive and done so well in with all of this chaos.

I have decided not to start study at QUT for two reasons – the course structure has been confirmed for 2014 and does not include the two subjects that I was hoping to do leaving me with poor choice of subjects.  Also I have decided not to over commit myself either.  So 2014, I will be taking this year with steady pace and focus on what is important to me rather than being busy all the time.

This year, I would like to focus on my own creative development with my new aerial equipment, traplyra and hopefully, with enough private lessons, I might be able to create my solo performance for either showcase or lady cabaret that is being conducted by Vulcana Women’s Circus.  Also I would like to be involved in at least 1 of the community performance hopefully.  No guarantee however I can hope. 🙂  Also it is dependent on the individual, group and organization grants to allow the projects come to fruition.

As for work … this is still up in the air, as I haven’t really decided on what I want to do.  I really love my old job as a Policy Officer – I enjoyed doing policy analysis and GIS analysis as it allows me to logically analyze the situation in my head and provide the best possible solution to the problem.  The job that I will return to is more like a Project Officer working on meaningless tasks … it’s not something that I look forward to because I love analyzing things and creating something out of thin air rather than working on something that already exists that needs to be improved.

Its like being on this trip has allowed me to play with my new DSLR … I mentally calculate the degree to which I should take the photos using the manual component on my camera because having it on auto doesn’t always work with the photo shooting.  I am getting better with technical aspects of the manual photo shoot.  You will see in some of the photos where they are either bit bright or bit dark.  I like that type of things.

Any way back to my fulltime job – I don’t know what I will return to either.  I am trying not to get paranoid about it however I cannot help it because I have had 3 changes to my work within 12 months on a very short notice and it is exhausting.  One of the changes happened just 3 days before my cochlear implant surgery so I wasn’t very pleased with that change. I was warned before leaving on my holiday that there would be more changes when I return.

Also I am unsure of the contract work for Deaf Arts Queensland initiative.  I am hoping to work on this project fulltime rather than part-time.   I don’t think this will be likely as it is dependent on the grant outcomes to support this initiative.    I really do hope to kick-start the Deaf Arts Queensland for many years to come because the Deaf community really does need Deaf Arts Queensland to provide projects to keep them active and to continue their own self-development.  Also it will allow the younger generation to break in the field of cultural and arts sector in their chosen arts field.

Followed by uncertainty with Vulcana Women’s Circus … I know with the strong women on board including myself, Vulcana Women’s Circus will be ok for 2014 and yes I am being optimist.  This is the way I rather remain.

I have few dreams that I would like to achieve this year:

  • Positive outlook on life after rough few years;
  • one being my own creative development with my new aerial equipment;
  • to successfully obtain at least one individual grant this year;
  • Vulcana Women’s Circus to become stronger; and
  • seeing Deaf Arts Queensland comes to fruition.

Lastly, I am able to book my flight home early so I am still waiting for confirmation from my travel agent.  I have achieved what I have come to do.  I just need to complete two more placements that I have secured in UK prior to leaving Australia.  I am happy with what I have learnt in Canada and meeting amazing people that thinks alike.

I am even more impressed with meeting a Deaf PhD student who has massive interest in Science similar to myself and very open-minded on several topics.    Need more Deaf people like this then the Deaf people will be impressive to work with.  It just a dream I have as it tends to be lonely working with hearing people on a particular project.   I like good decent banter in sign language so the knowledge is shared equally.

I am pretty impressed with my travels so far.

1 thought on “The year of 2014, what I hope for…”

  1. All the best for 2014. I have also had some changes to plans the past one month or so. 🙂 thanks for sharing. Phoebe

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